高一的英语作文 篇1

At noon on Saturday at home I play gyro. Huang bo wen for a while come to my house to play, just come in, mum asked “who are you?” I said, “he is a yellow. He lived in 25, three units, on the fourth floor, 405. He was in grade six. He is my best friend. Have food we eat together, had a book together, have we play together, playing a holiday is not I find him, is he looking for me.” Mother said, “oh, go and play!” Then he and I play with the gyro.

I have too many words to say to you, my friend, but even if there is a thousand words to tell you how much I miss you? Of course not. Our destiny will not be the same, will we meet again in the long road? Maybe not, but in my mind, I can’t forget everything about you, I believe, and you too.

Dear friend, I sincerely wish you happiness.

高一的英语作文 篇2


Nowadays, computer has been part of our life, we use computer to study, to work and to communicate with our friends. As people count on the network so much and they are free of everything, so they just do whatever they want. Network provides people the new stage to show violence, they are rude and give the bad comment to other people. We call it language violence. Especially for the celebrities, they have been attacked by the rude words all the time. A famous female star from Korea committed suicide because of the network violence. The government took some actions to supervise the network and the users must be registered with their real names. It worked and language violence has been controlled in some way. We need to behave ourselves even without the supervision of law.


高一的英语作文 篇3

We three good friends, may be small strong grade is a bit poor, so, I also use the subject I’m good at learning methods to teach jack Bauer. Gradually, our result to rise slightly.

However, things are not we imagine so well. At that time is late autumn, is going to enter the winter, the weather is cold, and we go home late again, mom and dad worry about nature. One day, we saw the tsuen wan son seems to be some sad, with his head down in their seats, we immediately ran past, asked her what happened? But she still don’t talk with his head down. We all don’t understand what is going on? So we have to forget it, but we knew that there must be some great things, tsuen wan son won’t like that, because, in our eyes, everyone she is a cheerful girl.

In the third grade, I met a girl called zhang zheyu, but she was very cute when she didn’t look at her name. She had large, watery eyes, as if they could talk, and she was full of reiki. She has a very long braid and beautiful black hair. She has a very cheerful disposition, and sometimes makes people laugh. Soon we became good friends.

高一的英语作文 篇4

Today is Mother’s Day. I know some of my classmates are going to help their mothers with the housework, others are going to buy some flowers for their mothers. I want to say to her that I love her very much. But as a boy, it is a bit difficult for me to show my heart. I think only girls can do that. My mother is very kind. She takes care of me day and night.She spends little money, but buys anything for me that I need. This time I must show my love. I am going to give her a card and write like this, “I love you, mother!” I am going to put it under her pillow.


高一的英语作文 篇5


Every year, when the winner of Nobel Prize in literature comes out, we will wonder why the winner is always belonging to foreigners. Though we are proud of our brilliant culture, we always miss this important award. Actually, Chinese literature is also famous around the world. The four great works like Journey to the West and A Dream in Red Mansions are known by the world. Every child in China has learn them and they even watch the TV series. The old literature Mater Sun’s Art of War is popular around foreigners. They are crazy about it and hope to learn some skills to help them run business. There is no doubt that Chinese literature has great influence on the world. It is the national treasure, and we can probe into the history and appreciate the charm.


高一的英语作文 篇6


In order to see the sunset, I got everything ready before 5 in the afternoon. Then I went to the East Hill.

At that time, the sun was already in the west, but it was still shining. Its light was so bright that I couldn’t even open my eyes.When I arrived at the East Hill, the light became a bit yellow. After a short while, it was completely golden, then red.

The sun nearly set.It was like a big red ball. The clouds around it were also painted red.Little by little the clouds covered the sun more and more. At last it disappeared behind the clouds. It was dark and I hurried back.



那时,太阳已经在西方了,但是它仍然在照耀着。它的光是如此强烈,以至于我睁不开眼睛。 当我到达东山的时候,阳光已经变得有点黄了。一会儿以后,它完全变成了金黄,然后变成红色。


高一的英语作文 篇7

假定你是一名高中生,一次一位外国朋友问你,除了在学校学习英语之外还有什么其它途径练习英语。请你根据提示用英语(词数: 100左右)写出你参加“英语角” 的情况。


1、“英语角” 于两年前成立,许多中学生参加,有时也有些大学生和外国友人来此。




参考词汇:“英语角”:English corner December 10, 20xxI’m a senior student. I like English very much. Besides attending English lessons at school, I often go to the English corner in the park near my home on Saturday morning. It was set up (formed) two years ago. Many high school students gather there. Sometimes, some college students and even foreign friends are present at the English corner. There, we practice our spoken English, talk about what we are interested in, exchange our experience in learning English and so on. I’ve learned a lot. I have greatly improved myself in English since I visited it. It is really a great help to me.

高一的英语作文 篇8

In my life, I get lots of help and love from many people. Now I want to express my thanks to them. First, I want to thank my parents. They provide a happy life for me. They do much for me and give me so much love. Second, I want to thank my teachers. They are do hard-working. When I have problems with my study, they are so patient and helpful. Third, I want to thank my classmates. They make me feel less lonely. I will remember the days we play and study together. Thank you, my parents, my teacher and my classmates. I hope you are in good health and have a better future.


高一的.英语作文 篇9

good morning, my admirable teacher and my dear fellows. my name is qing cheng and i’m in my 17 years old. i graduated from thetiantaomiddle school, which is one of the best middle schools in my city. its campus is as beautiful as ours. my favorite subject is math, because it’s a complicated subject that drives a lot of students crazy.

but i am a student who likes challenges and i can feel great achievement when i solve a math problem. besides, i like various extra curricular activities, because they can bring me a colorful life. in my opinion, study is just a part of our life, so that we should not be constrained by it. the most important is that i am happy to be a classmate of you. i hope we can study as well as play together.



高一的英语作文 篇10

Tour is not only a personal interest but also a kind of knowledge. A merry journey will be the memory that you can’t forget through your lifetime. It’s really at ease if you wander with two or three china pates who have a little exploratory energy to stay in the interesting places as long as you want but just ignore the unsightly places.It’s not good to join the travel agency other wise we should call it gaining a superficial understanding through cursory observation but not traveling. Of course, we should study to choose a most towardly occasion for the most famous and beautiful scene in the places before we are going to.

And we need enough money, enough time, special channel and also an economical plane, it’s convenient for us. And we can save more time to view the blue sky generally and look out upon the cloud dancing freely outside the plane.It’s also not bad to travel by train. Enjoy the scenery out of the train on the way, just look around here and there, maybe you can get some new friends in this narrow but long carriage. Certainly you’d better choose the different path when you return back from the place of interest so that you can make your eyes full of the landscape of interest on the way and never need to revisit the once familiar place. How far-flung and galland the rivers and mountains in our homeland are! There are still too many places we can go.

Time is limited but the interest of traveling is limitless. We travel just because of our love knot to the natural mountains and rivers!




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