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my favorite sport作文带翻译(精选12篇)

我想每个人都有喜欢的运动吧!可能是篮球、羽球、棒球、排球、跑步、跳高、躲避球…等,这些都是好运动,每一项都有益身心健康,下面是资源君小编帮大家整理的my favorite sport作文带翻译(精选12篇),供大家参考借鉴,希望可以帮助到有需要的朋友。

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我最喜欢的运动英语作文带翻译 篇1

My favorite sport is ping-pong. Among the athletes I admire most are: “wang hao, zhang jike, Malone.

This summer, my father couldnt stand my froth, and finally took me to play table tennis. I was happy about three feet high. I asked this question all the way. Once in a while, we reached the table tennis court. My eyes are wide open, some people are fighting, others are playing doubles.

I cant wait to take the racket, let dad taught me, he taught me to take the racket first, then let me practice with him, he put the ball to me, I can not pick up, one, two, three… Thirty-six I couldnt catch it. Dad says you give up. I didnt accept it, so I practiced and finally managed to get through this hard bone.

Learning how to slow down, I cant wait to get my dad to teach me how to play fast. Dad said yes. My father sent the ball to me fast, and it hit me straight in the face and turned red. I endured the pain of my face and continued to study fast. Finally, there is nothing to do. I learned to play fast and beat my dad!

Of course, in the course of learning, I also experience sadness, happiness, victory, failure. I have also learned from failure to succeed because “failure is the mother of success.” And I conclude from my failure: “nothing is difficult in the world, only a willing heart.”

The project brought me joy and the meaning of failure.







我最喜欢的运动英语作文带翻译 篇2

I love sports, running, jumping rope, jumping, swimming and so on. My favorite is not running. Its my childhood dream when Im a good runner.

Speaking of running, it is an indispensable part of my life. Every morning, I wake up early and run for an hour. Running in the park, the birds are singing sweet songs on their branches, the breeze is blowing from their faces, and the scent of flowers is so sweet. After the morning run, I was so full of energy that I was able to learn all day. After dinner, I went to the town square with my parents. I always like to race with my dad. At first I was always left behind by my father. But as the days passed, my speed began to rise, and my father and dad went up and down. After every run, I slept very well and often dreamed that I was running normally.

In order to practice, I also specially took part in the two phases of basketball training, because in the basketball training, run, run back and forth, three-step layup requires solid skills of running. Besides, I went hiking with my family and practiced my legs. Although the training is very hard, it is worthwhile to look at your own progress and make the most of it

I will always strive to keep striving for my dreams and never give up.





我最喜欢的运动英语作文带翻译 篇3

I like sports very much. Football, basketball, running and swimming are my favorites. But I like playing basketball most, because I think playing basketball is very cool and interesting.

I often play basketball with my classmates. We are a good team. Playing basketball is a good way to make friends. After all, we have common interests.Besides, I can build my body by playing basketball.



我最喜欢的运动英语作文带翻译 篇4

The first time I swim, tie a rope on the swimming ring, swimming circle in the body, the rope hung around the neck, this will prevent swim ring accidentally flies away by water. At the time of swimming, I feel like a fish, in the water free swimming, very happy! Sometimes, I drift himself in the Yangtze river, floating in the wind. In addition, I learned breast stroke, I found that to learn breaststroke, heart must be quiet, can learn quickly. With swim to swim breaststroke, how happy heart!!!

On one occasion, I go swimming with my friend, hes also wearing swimming laps, and, hed breaststroke, he will also snakes swimming, I also want to learn swimming snake, so I must come on!

Here, you must be very strange why I swim in the Yangtze river? Because my friendand I swim coach is my dad. Before launching, dad told me and my friends: must be under adult supervision can swim, and wear swimming laps, or wear swimsuit, otherwise, cannot go.

Accompanied by my father, my friends and I have learned how to swim, the taste of happiness, only experience, only to experience. So, I like to swim this sport!





我最喜欢的运动英语作文带翻译 篇5

In life, we are sure to have some hobbies, which will promote our growth, learn a new skill, let us enrich ourselves, and make life no longer fidgety.

My favorite sport is basketball, which has many aspects of improvement, including endurance improvement, technical improvement, and skill improvement. First of all, playing basketball requires a certain amount of endurance. Exercise this endurance can choose running and other sports, enhance your physical fitness, and enrich the boring life. Second, playing basketball also needs to have the technical promotion. As the saying goes, the effort is proportional to the return. How long we spend playing basketball, we will have the promotion in the unconscious. Third, everything can not be too tough, only mastering the technical things can give full play to the strength. I love basketball because it brings me a lot of joy and changes in my life.

These are the sports I love. I can‘t live without hobbies. These hobbies can make your life no longer fidgety and change a person’s character. Why not?

我最喜欢的运动英语作文带翻译 篇6

Everybody like many kinds.Do you know which sport do I like?

Let me tell you.

My favourite sport is football.Because I think play football can make me healthy and strong.After school,I always play football with my friends.At weekends,it take me two hours to play football.

As you can see,I like football very much.lt can make me more happy.





我最喜欢的运动英语作文带翻译 篇7

Among all the sports, I like basketball most. It is both an indoor and outdoor sport. People in everywhere like to play or watch this game.I also like to watch people playing basketball on TV. I often play it with some friends after school, and sometimes we play it on Sunday afternoon.

I am very good at basketball, but I am not the best player in my team. Basketball can make me happy and healthy, and I really enjoy playing it.



我最喜欢的运动英语作文带翻译 篇8

I’m neither interested in sports nor good at it. But except swimming. I can swim since I was a baby. My mother tells me that she let me swim in the water with a life-buoy when I was 20 days old. And then I can swim gradually. When I grow up, I like swimming very much. I swim all the year round. Swimming in summer makes me feel comfortable to lower my temperature. While winter swimming makes me feel excited and achievability. In general, swimming keeps me fit in both physical and mental. Whenever I feel upset, I would go swimming and then I would be full of energy and feel relax. Besides I believe it is due to swimming that I’m so thin. Who wants to lose weight, join me.

We can make more friends in swimming. Oh, I couldn’t wait to swim now. But it is ten o’clock in the evening. I have to go to sleep. Good night everyone.



我最喜欢的运动英语作文带翻译 篇9

I take exercise every day. It makes feels good and helps me to become taller. My favorite sport is football and I want to be a football player in the future. I play football with my friends every week.

It is such a great time for me. My friends and I always do the great team work and we beat other teams.



我最喜欢的.运动英语作文带翻译 篇10

My favourite sport is playing badminton .

It is a very popular game and both of the young and the old can play it . There are many kinds of ways to play it , such as men’s singles , women’s singles , men’s doubles , women’s doubles and fixed doubles .

It isn’t as easy as it seems to play because you have to know how to run the pace , how to hit the badminton . You must learn about many things about badminton .

I have a badminton training class on Tuesdays , Thursdays and Saturdays . We drill very hard and always feel tired after an hour .

I see many badminton matches and know some famous badminton players , I want to be a famous one too .

I like playing badminton very much .







我最喜欢的运动英语作文带翻译 篇11

Sport in the world there are many, including my favorite sport is a water movement is called “swimming”.

Before swimming in swimsuits or swimming trunks, pants cap and goggles, do warm-up exercise before entering the water, do warm-up exercise to prevent cramps while swimming, you dont have a case of drowning.

I like swimming because can in addition to the movement and can play with water, and cool summer to soak in cold water body refreshed, with heat, all disappear. If again drink a cup of ice ice cold coke, thats a find the scenery pleasing to both the thing, the day swimming very good nights sleep.

Swimming can not only, still can reading is to the mind while exercise to the body, is a favorite sport, summer vacation is coming soon, mom really want to help my sister and I sign up for swimming lessons, let me swim a ball!





我最喜欢的运动英语作文带翻译 篇12

There are many kinds of sports that I enjoy, such as swimming, basketball,travelling and so on. However, my favorite sport is running.In my mind,it is a good activities for people to keep healthy and relieve the pressure. After busy studying,i usually run on the playground,and i think thats the most wonderful time in a day.

I love this sport since im 4,but at that time i only run for fun without any purpose.Its different now.Running has become a essential part in my life.I love running,and i ll keep running.



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