现在,大学生们不管是找工作还是口语测试,有一个环节就是让学生们用英语进行自我介绍。 而自我介绍让很多同学大伤脑筋。由于对自我介绍的英语口语句型不熟悉而导致考试不能顺利过关的同学有很多。所以大家一定要多记忆一些这方面的句型。以下给大家整理出来一些自我介绍的模板,希望对大家有所帮助。


大学英文自我介绍简单点的 篇1

HI,my name is XXX, I 19 years old this year, I’m from x, I love of reading and the Internet, I am a outgoing person, like making friends. In this university, I will actively participate in various activities to enrich my university life, I will also constantly exercise oneself, let oneself become more mature.


大学英文自我介绍简单点的 篇2

My name is XX, and I’m from Changsha

I love to laugh, love is simple, love Philharmonic, lively music, love friends, love freedom, love and love cannot hold all the fun, excitement, funny nonsense love, love as a pleasurable occupation quietly, love crazy bustling, I did not appreciate you. I still stumbled in their life on the road and did not lose the attitude to go on.

My history is not only a The brightness dazzles the eyes. modification, step by step to prove their hardships and firm. Did the League secretary, Secretary of the know is not easy to learn and play; * * did not imagine the sinecure Committee, is responsible for all the * *; won the “Miyoshi students”. That success is not casual, but the real an easy job to do, but in the hands of low, make unremitting efforts; won the “excellent class dry”, finally tasted “in its place, their government benefits. The past let it in the past, it has become history, now I can do it is in the journey to the new college students to seize the opportunity, To show themselves, and everyone together to enjoy the university to bring surprises.

Entering university means unlimited opportunities, to conquer a new field of opportunity. I want to enrich my life in University, cultivate their abilities, “when one”, constantly overstating their own stage. So, I will be very hard, very hard, very hard, very hard to fight, to struggle. Try, don’t regret the way I came to university.

In the University, I want to show you the most awesome to everyone, and everyone together with day day up (every day)!





在大学里,我想把最给力的自己展现给大家,与大家伙儿一起day day up(天天向上)!

大学英文自我介绍简单点的 篇3

I was admitted to Hebei Vocational and Technical College with excellent results in August, 2011. Years of campus life, has made my own comprehensive quality, self-cultivation, ability to do things and communication skills have a qualitative Pentium, let me understand the importance of personal ability in addition to learning and the necessity of communicative ability. The university life and the social life are mutually mapped, therefore the university stage individual synthesis quality and the ability raise, the progress, is we as the contemporary university students topic.

In addition, after school hours, I often use the network to bring convenience, attention to the latest developments in science and technology, especially the knowledge of the professional. To keep pace with the worlds latest trends and the pace of the times. So I learned to master the manipulation and installation of Windows system and Office software, familiar with web design; has been Yizhuanduoneng, all-round development to strict demands on themselves, hard work, hard to learn. Practical and systematic study of the course knowledge, and achieved excellent results. In school, I study modestly, work hard, work hard, work conscientiously, summarize in time; pay attention to the theory with practice, cultivate their self-learning ability and ability to analyze and solve problems. Actively participate in practical activities both inside and outside the school, pay attention to team work spirit; as a student union cadres, I have strong organization, publicity, governance and emergency response ability; a high sense of responsibility and good interpersonal relationship. In the outstanding completion of the task given by the superiors, but also in the school organization and carry out some meaningful activities, can effectively organize students and mobilize the enthusiasm of the students; from which also exercise and improve their own organization and leadership. It shows a strong ability to work closely with people and a good ability to adapt to the environment. It is also recognized by students and teachers as well as leaders.

In daily life, with a positive attitude and get along with the students very well, welcomed by the students, while their communicative ability to increase, as a aspiring youth, I firmly support the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party; adhere to the four cardinal principles. We should conscientiously study Marxism Leninism, Mao Zedong thought, theory of the party and the Communist Party of China, and carry out the important thought of the Three Represents comprehensively and close to the party organizations.

Years of learning career is a small part of my life, and through systematic, theoretical learning, learned a lot of knowledge, more importantly, how to quickly grasp the ability of a new thing, a lot of mature thinking, character more resolute. Now I have the confidence to accept any new challenge and test.

I hope everyone can see my diligence and effort from the introduction of my campus life, and I believe that in this striving upward company, I will be more influenced and better in career, thank you!

In my own hands, but sometimes pay not necessarily return, if I am not elected, will not be discouraged, I will go down to sum up experience and make up for deficiencies…






大学英文自我介绍简单点的 篇4

Hi, My name is Dawn, I#39;m from the beautiful ancient city of Kaifeng. As you can see, I am a very casual girl, and a lot of people here, like 18-year-old, I love a lot, I love guitar, love to sing love dancing, very fond of English, I am very love to watch “Prison Break”, like the actor micheal clever wit.

I like making friends, and hope you will be able to and I have become good friends, I think I will, and you get along with.


大学英文自我介绍简单点的 篇5

Hello, its a pleasure to meet you all. I am Yu Lin Jeng. I am from Shanghai,China. This is my third trip to the United States, and I really enjoy staying here. I am working for a trading company as an assistant manager in the overseas distribution section. Thank you.

Im Ma li. I am a system engineer for IBM. My job is to develop new computer software and I enjoy the job very much, because software development is very creative and imaginative work. So if anyone here is interested in computer and computer software, please let me know. We can spend hours talking about computers.

Hello, everybody. I am Ning cai chen from Beijing, I am working for an agent for a electric company in Beijing. It is about five months since I came to the United States, and I miss my family very much. Itll be several months before they come here, and I hope to continue to have an enjoyable single life till then. Thanks.




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